Nisula 500C

This grapple provides strength for later thinning and small-trunk final felling. The physical dimensions of the grapple are suitable for thinning and the weight is low due to the high-quality materials, only 650 kg. The 500C is a multipurpose model with loading jaws, which makes timber handling and sorting smooth. The NCU3 control system controls the grip strength of the grapple according to the size of the wood to be treated, which provides a very firm grip on the tree during felling, feeding and moving the trunk. Separate loading jaws also enable loading in combination use without changing grapples.

When tipping and moving heavier frames, loading jaws have greater clamping force, as do the front and rear blades and roller cylinders. At the beginning of the supply of wood, compressive forces are dropped in stages to minimize friction. The diameters where the compressive forces are reduced are pre-set in the control system. If necessary, these can be adjusted through the control system, but usually at standard settings, the grapple works best.

Weight, kg 650
Pruning Ø, mm 320
Single cut-off Ø, mm (1 body) 500
Number of qualifying blades 3 + 1
Front blade opening, mm 500
Loading jaw opening, mm 1200
Width in pruning position, mm (open/closed) 1350/980
Height in pruning position, mm (open/closed) 1250/1050
Height in the tipping position, mm 1120
Working pressure, bar 210-230
Oil demand, l/min 140-180