Nisula 105E

Nisula 105E combines simple construction with top-quality materials. The design is lightweight and durable, thanks to which even a machine with a small loader can be used for harvesting energy wood. A new type of patented mechanical turning function makes grapple operation quick and smooth.

With the help of adapter kits, sold separately, the grapple can be easily adapted to replace almost all timber grapples. There is no need for separate control systems or additional hoses at all.

Weight, kg 52
Grapple opening, mm 500
Width, mm (open/closed) 640/460
Height, mm (open/closed) 690/480
Height in the tipping position, mm 270
Single cut-off Ø, mm (1 body) 90-120
Working pressure, bar 150-210
Oil demand, l/min 8+