Nisula 155E

The 155E is an upgraded model of the hugely popular 150E. In the 155E, the jaw design and blade have been improved for better cutting performance. The coloring of the grapple has also been renewed. The adjustable block makes it easy to adjust the tilt’s function to suit different pressure levels. 155E is a cost-effective choice for harvesting energy wood. Thanks to the two spike-shaped jaws, all the trees to be cut off will definitely go to the blade and break. When loading, the grapple presses particularly well into piles of energy wood. The 155E is also excellent for chipper feed, as the spike-shaped jaws do not involve rocks or earth, and the bundles are the right size for many chippers.

With the help of adapter kits, sold separately, the grapple can be easily adapted to replace almost all timber grapples. There is no need for separate control systems or additional hoses at all.

Weight, kg 115
Grapple opening, mm 650
Width, mm (open/closed) 840/600
Height, mm (open/closed) 900/580
Height in the tipping position, mm 380
Single cut-off Ø, mm (1 body) 120-150
Working pressure, bar 175-210
Oil demand, l/min 25+