Nisula 425H

Nisula 425H is a thinning grapple with additional blades. The wood passes through the grapple with controlled speed. The new type of grapple control makes wood handling fast and accurate.
The new, larger traction motors provide 20% more feed power than before. New machined front blades provide improved pruning performance and wear resistance. The additional blades make the new 425H harvesting head productive even with larger trees, which other thinning harvesters in the same weight class cannot normally do. Additional inserts also achieve a larger pruning diameter. The grapple is the best choice for thinning.

Weight, kg 410
Pruning Ø, mm 320
Single cut-off Ø, mm (1 body) 425
Number of qualifying blades 4 + 1
Front blade opening, mm 430
Opening of inserts, mm 580
Width in pruning position, mm (open/closed) 1100/940
Height in pruning position, mm 880
Height in the tipping position, mm 880
Working pressure, bar 210
Oil demand, l/min 120-150