Nisula 325H

Nisula 325H is a well-suited harvesting head for first thinning and pruned energy wood, and its light weight and ease of use make working quick and effortless. The grapple is equipped with one fixed and three movable delimbing blades.

The spring-loaded blades of the base model automatically conform to the shape of the frame during pruning, and in normal frame shapes this is also the easiest solution for the user. If necessary, the front blades can be equipped with cylinders if conditions require it. The cylinder equipment allows the front blades to be opened during feeding, this feature is needed, for example, if the stands in the work area have winding trunk shapes or if the amount of hardwood to be processed is significant.

Weight, kg 285
Single sawing diameter, Ø mm 340
Pruning blades, pcs 3 + 1
Cleansing, Ø mm 240
Working pressure, bar 190
Oil demand, l/min 90-120