The 243 HVT (Tilt) is equipped with the tried and tested upper carriage levelling system and allows for stress-free work in steep and poorly accessible terrain. The 243 HV has been designed without a slope compensator and allows for the heaviest use with the highest degree of safety.

The drive width of 2.95m guarantees optimal stability and facilitates logging in all directions. Optimal weight distribution in conjunction with selected chain strands (up to 800mm wide) protects the forest floor and produces low ground pressure and/or slight ground compaction due to the maximum footprint.

The separate hydraulic systems for the machine, crane and harvester head are optimally co-ordinated with the engine and permit fuel-efficient work at the highest level of performance. The powerful parallel crane that was developed specifically for this machine is designed for hard use and enables the driver to work quickly. With the optional long crane (crane length: 13.2m) the 234HV /HVT is also used for thinning.