Neuson 204HVT

At the heart of the 204 HVT is a 6-cylinder John Deere diesel engine with a displacement of 6,800 cm³. The maximum power of the machine is 222HP at a weight of about 20t, so it has 25% more engine power per kilo machine weight than the 183HVT.

This also allowed us to increase the maximum speed in 2nd gear to about 5 km/h without losing tractive force. Like all Neuson Forest machines, the ratio between tractive force and net weight is significantly over 1. So the tractive force is always greater than the machine mass.

The crane is a CH610 by Waratah. Based on the definition of the KWF, this means a reach of 10.2 m. It can optionally also be equipped with a long crane version with true 11.5m reach.

True to the Neuson Forest principle, the crane can optionally be equipped with a variety of heads and control systems. The goal when developing this machine was the ability to process trunks up to 60 cm in diameter. Compatible heads for the machine are for example LogMax 5000D, AFM 55 or Waratah H414.

Of course, the machine has the usual tried and tested slope compensator of +25° at the front and +/- 15° on each side. A width from 2.50m, the tight tail swing and the low center of gravity enable working in extremely small spaces and guarantee the stability Neuson machines are known for.