Nisula 205E

The 205E is an updated model of the Nisula 200E. The adjustable block makes it easy to adjust the tilt’s function to suit different pressure levels. With the 205E, for example, you can easily equip your forwarder for harvesting energy wood without major installation work and modifications, just replace the normal timber grapple and the machine is ready for energy wood sites.

Thanks to the two spike-shaped jaws of the grapple, all trees that are cut off will surely go to the blade and break. When loading, the grapple presses particularly well into piles of energy wood, and the high clamping force ensures effortless and efficient handling of even large bundles. No earth or stones go with you, and the twigs don’t get stuck in the hand.

With the help of adapter kits, sold separately, the grapple can be easily adapted to replace almost all timber grapples. There is no need for separate control systems or additional hoses at all.

Weight, kg 295
Grapple opening, mm 860
Width, mm (open/closed) 1120/770
Height, mm (open/closed) 1220/820
Height in the tipping position, mm 500
Single cut-off Ø, mm (1 body) 200+
Working pressure, bar 180-250
Oil demand, l/min 45+