Cannon DuraLite SuperBar

Cannon Bar Works is excited to announce the all new Cannon DuraLite SuperBar – our first light-weight chainsaw bar. This bar combines the professional quality of our traditional Cannon SuperBar with the weight reduction that the industry has been demanding.

The new Cannon DuraLite SuperBar is made from a virtually completed SuperBar. After the bar has been grooved and the rails have been flame hardened, we eliminate weight by milling out pockets on either side of the SuperBar, leaving a steel core in the center for strength. The center section is then perforated with holes. This method of construction is based on the same principal that one would see in an I-beam.

We then use a special adhesive which not only bonds the steel to two flexible aluminum inserts, one on each side of the bar, but also creates a chemical bond or weld between the two inserts. The new DuraLite SuperBar remains ridged and durable, has the same quality characteristics as the traditional SuperBar, but weighs up to 25% less.