Palax KS35

Palax KS 35 Ergo

  • Has a 15″ hdraulic chainsaw
  • 2.2m/86.6 inch long in-feed conveyor
  • 4m/14.1 ft long swinging and folding discharge conveyor
  • Automatic lubricator of the chain saw
  • Maximum cutting diameter is 35cm/13.8 inch and the length of the log is from 25 to 60 cm/10 in to 2 ft

Palax KS35 Ergo

This Ergo model has the cutting lever for the sawbar positioned on the side of the machine, not on the top as in the previous model. This makes the cutting more ergonomic for the user.

Palax KS35S

  • The Palax KS35 is also available as an S model, which is a fully hydraulic joystick version of the KS35 Ergo.
  • In the KS35S model the cutting feature, log clamp and the height adjustment of the knife is done by joysticks. This makes operating the machine very convenient.

Palax KS35 PDF

Palax KS40

Palax KS40

  • The KS40 is equipped with a 14.1′ / 4.3 m long discharge conveyor that can be shifted mechanically 7.2′ / 2.2 m to the side.
  • The discharge conveyor has two chains.
  • The machine has a 16″ saw-bar, and a splitting force of 13 tons.
  • The maximum diameter for the log to be processed is 38 cm.
  • Available in Ergo (basic model) and S-model (with joystick control)

Palax KS40S

  • The S model is equipped as standard with an extra hydraulic circuit for an external log-deck, while the Ergo offers this feature as an option.
  • The joystick of the s-model is easy to operate, making operation of the machine extremely efficient

Palax KS40 Brochure

Palax KS45S

Palax KS45S

The new Palax KS45S firewood processor is a heavy-duty processor aimed for the professional contractors.

  • The Palax KS45s machine has a powerful crosscut chainsaw with a 20″ sawbar to process up to 17″ diameter wood.
  • Wood-splitting begins automatically after the wood has been cut into lengths.
  • The machine has a new patented three-speed cylinder with up to 16 tonnes of force for big blocks of wood.
  • The unit has a 4.3 m / 14.1′ long hydraulic swingable discharge conveyor.
  • The machine is hydraulically operated and has no V-belts.

Palax KS45S Specs