Arbro 400

Arbro-Stroke is a stroke harvester, which fells, delimbs and cuts trees to length.


  • One button tree delimbing
  • Programmable cut length – measuring device is standard equipment
  • Optional thickness measuring
  • Reliable VOLVO saw motor
  • Delimbing knives and grip arms can be opened separately
  • Easily connected and disconnected on the rotator of the loader
  • Choice of models

Compared to other same size harvester heads the Arbro-Stroke has a lot of delimbing power.

Arbro-Stroke 400
This model was designed for thinning operations, optional saw lengths of 14″ and 16″. Many farm tractors will have enough hydraulic power to acceptably run this harvester head.

Arbro-Stroke 1000
This model is designed for the bigger jobs, this model works well mounted on an excavator. The standard saw blade is 20″