Advantages of AFM harvester heads


  • AFM heads are designed especially for demanding operations, including work on track based machines.
  • Even after several years of use the heads remain highly productive.
  • Low maintenance cost due to reliability and universally used components.


  • AFM heads work in harmony with all harvester bases, and most of the measuring systems.
  • AFM offers highly productive solutions for softwood and hardwood spcecies.
  • AFM heads allow you to use your machine as a harvester or a processor.

Three roller feeding system

  • Non-sliding feeding system based on three synchronized feeding rollers
  • With their exceptional feeding speed and force, the harvester heads are highly productive.
  • Proportional pressure on roller arms and knives reduces fiber damage.

Exceptional delimbing performance

  • Delimbing knives are manufactured from high-strength steel.
  • Precisely positiond delimbin knives insure delimbing quality.
  • AFM harvester heads design is adapted to accurate delimbing and cross-cutting.

High quality and productivity

  • All AFM heads are built for high productivity
  • With feeding speeds up to 6m/s, AFM harvester heads are among the quickest on the market.
  • Timber-friendly steel rollers on AFM harvester heads conserve the quality and structure of the timber.

Accurate measuring

  • The stem is constantly centered in the head for accurate measuring.
  • Diameter can be measured from rollers or knives.
  • Measurement and control are carried out by user-friendly AFM-Motomit computer.

Reliable Hydraulics

  • Hydraulics are well protected and centrally placed.
  • Leaks are prevented by drop-free Viton sealing and a minimal number of hoses.
  • AFM harvester heads have simple and long lasting block-type hydraulics.

Ease of service

  • Easy access to major components for quick and uncomplicated service.
  • Simple, service-friendly construction makes AFM heads easy to install and service.
  • AFM offers high-quality instructions for service and maintenance of AFM harvester heads.

AFM Forest Website

AFM35 Harvester Head

AFM 35 is a powerful and versatile thinning head, which is suitable for conventional general as well as energy wood processing, multi stemming and loading. Optional multi tree handling cassette and the cutting blade is designed to speed up the cutting and handling of the small diameter energy wood. High feeding power and feeding speed ensure a profitable small wood harvesting. AFM 35 can be equipped with measuring and control system with volume counting and data transfer. As a base machine can be chosen small excavator, forwarder or harvester base.


AFM45 Harvester Head

AFM 45 is effective harvesting head for thinning and final felling done with small and medium-sized forest machines. An exact delimbing is made with four knives and a non-sliding four motor feeding. Tree handling capacity is optimized for small and middle sized stems. AFM 45 is equipped with powerful hydraulics and the automatic chain tensioning to ensure the efficient felling and cutting in all conditions. Accurate measuring is ensured by a hydraulic length measuring device and front knife diameter measuring. AFM 45 is optionally fitted with multi tree equipment for integrated logging.


AFM55 Harvester Head

AFM 55 is a solution for clear felling and later thinning operations, made with middle sized forest machines. AFM 55 has big capacity and perfect holding geometry for the big stems. High flow hydraulic valve together with proportional pressure adjustment exploits perfectly the base machine power. Three roller feeding together with four delimbing knives ensures high quality production. The AFM 55 can be equipped with multi tree handling device which allows easy collecting of small or energy wood. Feeding geometry ensures processing of several stems at the same time. AFM 55 fits efficiently on 12-18 tons forest machines and on excavators up to 18 tons.


AFM75 Harvester Head

AFM 75 is a strong, reliable and highly productive harvester head for big wood which can work on both wheeled and tracked machines. It has been developed with close attention to customers’ needs and incorporates the best features of AFM heads. AFM 75 means an optimal combination between capacity, weight, feeding power and force and is an efficient tool for clearcuttings, big thinnings and processing operations. Four movable knives on AFM 75 allow smooth and accurate delimbing even of big trees with heavy branches. The stem is constantly centered in the head with three feeding rollers ensuring precise length and diameter measuring. Proportional adjustments of pressures on rollers and knives according to the stem diameter increase considerably the effectiveness of feeding and delimbing. The shape of knives on AFM 75 allows easy working from pile or in wind stormed areas. AFM 75 can work with a variety of different measuring systems and can be easily adapted to any type of base machine. The AFM 75 is perfectly suited for 20-30 tons excavators, wheeled and tracked harvesters.


AFM 45 White-line installed on a new Komatsu PC200LC-8

Operator Justin put it best “We picked AFM after seeing how well built the heads were. Now that we are running AFM the performance is beyond our expectations”

The White-Line series from AFM was introduced in the past year with increased guarding and a reduction in exposed hoses. The results have been terrific with more and more customers buying AFM.

AFM45 Technical Specifications PDF