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Forestry & Construction Supplies

TRYGG Steel Wheel Chains

 Trygg Steel Wheel Chains.

TRYGG chains on a forestry harvester

TRYGG Netlink has proven itself within forestry for nearly 25 years. The chain is produced in 13, 16 and 19mm dimension and triple diamond pattern as standard. 2 studs welded on top of each vertical chain link ensure very solid grip on ice and rocks. Tightening rail is standard on tyres with profile 55 or lower and can be ordred as additional product for other tyre sizes.


TRYGG SM3D is a heavy duty traction chain for forestry, construction and snow clearing. Produced of steel using boron, nickel, chrome and manganese. Hardened in our new sophisticated hardening furnaces.  You can choose between 11, 13, 16 or 19mm chain. 2 studs on each link and triple diamond pattern ensure good grip on hard surfaces as rocks or ice.


  • Additional traction
  • Tire protection
  • Through hardened Boron steel
  • Standard and odd tire sizes

Ultimate tire protection and unsurpassed traction 

TRYGG forestry and heavy equipment tire chains.  All tire chains are made of double steel. The outer layer is carbon rich for wear resistance and the core is manageses/chrome alloyed for toughness.

Built to fit your equipment

  • Full line of standard tire chain patterns.
  • Custom tire chain applications.

Standard chains to fit

  • Skidders
  • Forwarders
  • Tractors
  • Heavy equipment applications

Choice of patterns

  • Single diamond
  • Multiple diamond
  • Standard and multi ring models

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